Xbox 360 Blu-ray Shot Down Again By Microsoft

You didn’t think Lite-On was really manufacturing Blu-ray
Disc drives for the Xbox 360, did you?
 It doesn’t seem that Microsoft put too much
stock into it, supposedly being
quoted flat out with
“No. Lite-On is
not manufacturing Blu-ray drives for Xbox 360.”

The only thing that troubles me here is that TechRadar’s source
is about as reliable as DigiTimes.  An
unnamed source saying this stuff doesn’t mean much, but whoever the “source” is

does seem to have a good understanding of what Microsoft wants to offer in
place of Blu-ray; Digital downloads.

“As we have stated,
games are what are driving consumers to purchase game consoles and we remain
focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster game available.”

Speaking in general (not exclusive to Xbox 360), Microsoft
shouldn’t stick to digital downloads at this point
because of bandwidth
concerns, but it sure wouldn’t shock me if they stuck to that path.  They can own everything from end-to-end,
digital downloads are exactly what Microsoft wants.

Update: CED just published the same quotes that were directed at them from the Microsoft spokeswoman, so now I’m assuming this is a Microsoft official response.

7 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Blu-ray Shot Down Again By Microsoft

  1. There is technology on its way where you can move movies on USB storage type devices. Maybe Microsoft will support that option. You could load up the movie without bandwidth issues.


  2. That’s true, but it is not yet at the point where 10GB+ flash storage can be had for cheap enough.  Stupid support would also be an issue, along with standalone players likely not supporting it.

  3. Yea, the Microsoft denial was pretty direct and convincing in compared to the vague denials companies usually give. Agree they’re not going to do a Blu-Ray 360. Just doesn’t make any sense for them.

  4. Can’t help myself, but I don’t believe the problem with digital downloads is bandwidth. I believe it is the studios dragging their feet because they haven’t figured out how to completely replace DVD sale revenues with digital downloads.

    If they thought there was more money in digital downloads, rest assured they figure out a way to make it work.

  5. Oh, no doubt there are several issues besides bandwidth that are issues.

    One of the ones I’ve been thinking about (in terms of downloads replacing physical media) is the amount in the US who still don’t even have a high speed connection or any Internet connection at all. Seems crazy to most of us, but these people still do exist and do represent a part of physical media revenue.

    I’m not sure I want physical media gone in favor of downloads, I really want the both to exist and share the market. Of course downloads have the ultimate pro of live delivery, but at this point physical media is actually more portable then a download which is also important.

  6. XBOX sales are down. Blu-ray does make sense. Anyone who says it doesn’t is buying into the HD movie download thing that, as of yet, is half-baked.

    Customers won’t buy an xbox 360 just because it has blu-ray but they will buy a ps3 because it has about the same functionality as the 360 PLUS it has blu-ray. Why not get the PS3 and have one quiet device that does it all?

    Now if Sony would add extender support to the PS3, I’d buy one at the drop of a hat.

  7. Your assuming sales are down because people are simply buying the PS3 instead. In reality it has been said by Microsoft that they have stock issues, maybe because they are getting ready to ship one of the newer models, or maybe they are actually trying to fix RROD issues and thus not shipping as many.

    And an Xbox 360 with Blu-ray is still going to do less than a PS3 with Blu-ray, so I’m still buying the PS3 over the Xbox 360 for Blu-ray. Blu-ray takes money out of Microsoft’s pocket in hardware loses and in the download market. Most PS3 owners who bought it or gaming don’t own any BD movies expect the one that was packaged with the system.

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