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Are you interested in reaching over 90,000 unique visitors a
month generating over 130,000 page views? 
Stop spending top dollar advertising on non-targeted websites, reach
your audience with low CPM based advertising here.  You will be able to reach digital home and
media enthusiasts at a CPM under $2.


Graphical banners are offered in a verity of formats including 160×600, 468×60,
and 200×200.

  • 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper) –
    $200 (<1.5CPM)
  • 468×60 (Top Banner) – $200 (<1.5CPM)
  • 200×200 (Small Square) – $150

Graphical banners are shown site wide on all pages.  Wide Skyscraper and Small Square are shown in
the left sidebar, Top Banners displays at the top of all pages site wide.  Images are limited to 45kb.  Animation is allowed, but no Flash.


Google AdWords is the primary source of advertising offering text links on the
left-side navigation bar and the top header.  These ads appear site wide
on all pages.  If you are interested in creating a campaign using AdWords
please see

more general information on Google AdWords, please click

Questions?  Please contact me for more

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