Dish Network Tuner Coming Soon?

It has been a
while since we heard
about native Dish Network tuners for Media Center, but
to one commenter
on my Media Center beta post some e-mails might have gone
out about testing such a tuner.

I’ve personally heard nothing about Dish Network tuners, and
all that Microsoft has talked about is DIRECTV. 
Those talks started well over
two years ago
, so I find it strange that Dish has managed to jump in under
the radar.

That said the infrastructure will be in place for Dish
Network support.  Media Center will
officially support DVB-S and DVB-S2, so the only part that it needed would be a
tuner that supports Dish Network’s Conditional Access (CA) system.

6 thoughts on “Dish Network Tuner Coming Soon?

  1. This would be so fraking awesome if they released one. I’d be the first one in line to place one on order. (Or even beta test… that would be killer.)

  2. Hmm, if Media Center is going to support DVB-S and DVB-S2, will the european bunch of users will be able to make use of it? It is – after all – one of the most wanted features that were missing in VMC…

  3. Media Center week and a possible Dish product? It can’t get any better!

    Attention Dish Network – Feel free to contact me for beta testing. I promise not to publish!

  4. Don’t have cable where I live, only satellite and I would love to have my Media Center be at the forefront of my entertainment center again with Dish capability.

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