Customize Media Center’s Start Menu

Ever wanted to customize your Media Center by adding a
custom strip to the Start Menu or add tile to one of Media Center’s default strips?  With MC
Menu Customizer
you can do just that very quickly and easily.  You can add two custom strips and access your
favorite third party applications directly from those, or you can add one tile
to Media Center’s predefined strips (like TV+Movies, Music, Pictures+Videos,


2 thoughts on “Customize Media Center’s Start Menu

  1. I have used this program before and I think it’s great. I’m able to put 5 different plugins in 1 custom strip. With 2 custom strips, I can have a total of 10 plugins. 13 total if you add the 3 from the predefined strips.

    Also Advent, the programmer who wrote it, is working on another plugin to customize the predefined strips. It’s called Mc Menu Mender. You can find it in post #99 of the thread. You can find the thread here.

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