Five Media Center Plug-ins You’re Missing

  1. myTV – An easy to
    use MCML-based TV archiving plug-in for Vista Media Center.  You can grab the trial
    and if you like it buy it here
    for only $20.
  2. Vista4Cast
    – Add weather embedded in your Start Menu, as well as a plug-in version.  Not nearly as polished as other plug-ins like
    Big Screen Weather v2, but the Start Menu weather is very cool.
  3. MC Organizer
    MCML plug-in that lets you view or play movies stored in Movie Collector
  4. LEDSdriver – Want
    your Media Center to have a currently recording LED like your cool VCR
    does?  That’s exactly what this plug-in
    allows for.
  5. VideoReDo
    – By far the best program for editing DVR-MS files.  You can also VOB files to DVR-MS for easy
    streaming to your Media Center Extender.

Bonus: Big Screen Movies – Now, Niall has been keeping this under
wraps but here is what we are going to do. 
Everyone is going to head over to
Big Screen Global and
pick up one or all of the Big Screen Suite of applications (Big Screen
Headlines v2, Big Screen Photos v2, Big Screen Weather v2).  Maybe then we can convince Niall to release
Big Screen Movies.

2 thoughts on “Five Media Center Plug-ins You’re Missing

  1. Vista Movie Maker edits DVR-MS files. Only limitation is that is makes huge DVI files or Windows Media Files.

    That’s fine (WMV) when your watching it on your Media Center or Extender, but if your sharing your shows with friends that wanna watch it on TV or on a device that doesn’t support WMV and you need tiny file sizes you need to go through an extra step, not that big a deal but non the less FREE unlike VideoReDo which is nice…

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