Short Bits: DVR-MStoWMV, Media Center Show, DSM-750

Public release of DVRMStoWMVHD
is up, very cool simple program to convert DVR-MS files to WMV.

Ian Dixon has the latest Media Center Show out today,
this week it features Dave Evans talking about home theater

has the D-Link DSM-750
finally available, although it is a bit pricey at
$315.  In contrast
has it for $270
(though sold out). 
Now Direct (who I have never heard of) has
it for $250
.  Also check Reseller Ratings
before making a purchase from an online retailer that you wouldn’t heard of.

Looks like Blockbuster
might be doing a stream set-top box too
I hope that it’s not true, because the last thing people want to buy is
another STB.  Why don’t companies
understand this?  With a stack full of
components, many of which can be updated to serve such functionality (like the
PS3 or Xbox 360) the last thing I’m buying is another STB. Other platforms, like Media Center (and Extenders) and TiVo are others to look at that. (Via Engadget)

One thought on “Short Bits: DVR-MStoWMV, Media Center Show, DSM-750

  1. Any idea when we might start seeing head to head comparisons or at least a review of the DLink DSM 750?

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