Short Bits: Niveus Movie Library, Avideus

Niveus Media released
an updated build of their Movie Library plug-in
.  You still need a Niveus PC, but major changes
include support for MyMovies XML & Artwork files/folder structure and support
for DVD Profiler XML structure.

Remote has the scoop
on PCAlchemy’s new PC line; Avideus.   “The
Avideus product line consists of a wide range of digital home products, from
the small form factor MiniMCE Media Centers, to the affordable and beautifully
engineered and crafted Avideus Media Centers. Additionally the Avideus
HSE Home Server was just announced
; the first Avideus product designed for
Windows Home Server.”

I’m pretty sure you will be able to win some of these products,
so watch
Missing Remote for more

2 thoughts on “Short Bits: Niveus Movie Library, Avideus

  1. As you know I’m considering a small form factor computer. Just checked out Avideus MiniMCE… like the Mac Mini it has integrated graphics, but this chip (x3100?) looks better on paper:

    “Enhanced high definition experience with improved HDTV connectivity & HDMI supporting up to 1080p and easy to use TV configuration utility, Intel® TV Wizard. Enhanced HW acceleration for MPEG2 & WMV9B formats.”

    However, for a little more bulk and couple hundred less the HP slimline still seems like the right answer. We’ll see… Hm, wonder if I could replace my Xbox 360 AND TiVo with a PC. (And why not add Blu-ray at the same time.) Hmmm…. So many variables, no perfect answer!

    Maybe Netflix will land on my Xbox before I pull the trigger or Amazon Unbox will go HD on the TiVo.

  2. Gee,
    I hope that if they are using the artwork and info from MyMovies that they give a little love to Brian!


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