Short Bits: FUZE, Omaura, Mesh, more

I’ve been really busy lately, but that doesn’t stop news
from flowing in.

Chris Morley
posted an update on recent questions about the Omaura
series of cases for those
interested (you should be, they look amazing).

CE Pro has an article about FUZE
Media Systems taking their software to OEMs
instead of just pushing their
own hardware.  This is a great move
consider FUZE has some really cool software for things like multi-zone audio, without
the need for third party audio distribution hardware.  Look for the first OEMs to start shipping
FUZE software mid-2008.

Tons of news today about Microsoft’s
Live Mesh
, Mary Jo has a
great rundown
.  I’m really interested
to see how this goes, it is really a make or break concept for Microsoft’s

Remote has a good article on things an HTPC
can do besides bring a PVR as
well as the news that
Xlobby is planning native Blu-ray support
which is quite a shock to

3 thoughts on “Short Bits: FUZE, Omaura, Mesh, more

  1. From the demos I have seen on Channel9..Live Mesh looks amazing. I do think it will become a key component, not only as a development platform but as way for Microsoft to move bits/pieces of Windows into the cloud. It will be interesting to see how this is leveraged by future versions of Media Center.

  2. From the videos I have seen, the FUZE systems have mulitzoned distribution dialed in. Being able to send whatever to whatever zone or play anything in any zone is a real all in on mediacenter solution.

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