Hauppauge HD-PVR Letdowns

much hyped HD-PVR
(Component capture device) from Hauppauge has hit its first snag. First of all,
it ships with no
64-bit support
, and worse only
single tuner support

wasn’t surprised by the 64-bit news, but I’m shocked at the single tuner. 
I’m not exactly sure if the single tuner support is with the bundled
application that they are shipping or if it will also apply to SageTV and
BeyondTV.  If it does apply to all software, this product has lost all of
its value.  Maybe SnapStream can
add to this

Brent posted that the drivers are
supposed to support multiple tuners, so most likely it is just Hauppauge’s
bundled software that will only support the single tuner.

Remote says
Hauppauge has confirmed multi-tuner support for “all major
software packages such as BeyondTV, SageTV, MythTV and Vista Media Center.”

they have said it supports multiple tuners at the driver level, that it only
supports one tuner per system, and they it will work with all major software
packages.  Sorry Hauppauge, I don’t believe your reps anymore.  With
a product of this value they need to put together a Q&A and clearly states
who will be providing support, for what applications, and when.  Saying
flat out that it support Vista Media Center is also very misleading. 
There is no possible way for them to support it until the next Media Center
release.  Their HD-PVR ships next week, at this point they really need to
get their story straight.

Update 3: 64-bit
drivers are now said to be there upon release

12 thoughts on “Hauppauge HD-PVR Letdowns

  1. Chris,
    Here’s an e-mail from Hauppauge addressing the mulitple tuner issue:

    “The drivers are capable of multiple boards but this has not been tested by us at this time. All of our software is for single installs of the hardware. This question might be better addressed to Sage TV.”

    So I think it’s one of those things where we might not see multiple tuners available initially, but as SageTV and BTV update, they will add that support. We really won’t know for sure until it comes out though…

    The 64bit thing doesn’t surprise me either.

    Neither of these things are letdowns in my opinion. If multiple tuners aren’t workable within the first four months that could be a letdown for me but otherwise no.

  2. I was the one that got the email about one per system. I did hear that the drivers support multiple tuners. This is unconfirmed. Hopefully your right and its just the bundled apps limitation. I was gonna get 3 for my setup. 🙁

  3. Agree with Brent, I don’t expect dual-tuner support from the get go… this is a while new product class. I expect it will come in a reasonable time. In the meantime, one could probably use an old PC (assuming that works ok for recording if not playback) with a 2nd unit for dual-recording. I bet most of us geeks have 2-3 computers. That would be a bit more hassle of course.

  4. What’s a bit harsh?  I don’t think many would say only single tuner support is not a letdown.  Single tuner PVRs went out with my VCR, TiVo S1, a Media Center in 2002.  🙂

    Now, as I noted from the get-go, if it only applies to their bundled software it is really a non-issue.  If it applies to Sage and Beyond, it is a major issue.

    Please don’t mistake this for me trying to downgrade the value of this product, but single tuner support in Sage and/or Beyond TV would be a major letdown, even for a v1 product.

  5. What’s the problem? This thing isn’t a tuner, it’s just a recorder. Having more than one is useless unless you have more than one set-top box.

  6. 99% of my readers are doing the latter. I know people who have pre-ordered three of these. People using Media Center, MythTV, BeyondTV, and SageTV are not interested in single capture card functionality. They are interested in a multi-“tuner” PVR.

    Multiple STBs are no issue, thousands of people have multiple STBs connect to their PC now. Only problem is they are only getting SD video.

  7. I think “…this product has lost all of its value” is a bit harsh. At one device per PC (which we now know isn’t the case) I’m better off with one of these than I am now with no viable cable/satellite HD capture capability (I consider OCUR too limited to be viable).

    I only plan to get one of these…

  8. I think the harsh part is the “dual core processor” requirement. If you have to upgrade your system to dual core (probably a common reality), why not just start over a get a system with digital cable OCUR and do it right. For many I’m afraid the HD-PVR will be throwing good money after bad.

  9. How is OCUR “doing it right”? Cable only, SDV is coming, “protected” content, no DIY option, etc…

    Any modern PC has a dual core proc, or can be upgraded easily to a dual core proc. Besides, the need for a dual core, probably has more to do with playback than recording. Look at the spec for HD-DVD/BR playback.

  10. I understand that the HD PVR does not support vista or media center.

    It only supports Beyond TV.

    Can anyone confirm?

  11. It supports Vista just fine, it just doesn’t support Vista Media Center (eg. the Media Center application). Beyond TV and Sage TV both have support I believe.

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