Must Have Media Center Plug-ins?

Everyday more people come over to the Media Center side of
things, most recently Dave Zatz and Ben Drawbaugh have made the switch/addition to
Media Center and have been wondering what are some of the must have
plug-ins.  Well, I’ve been slacking on compiling
a list but today I thought what’s “must have” for me might not be “must have”
for them.

So, I want to know (as do Dave and Ben), what are your must
have plug-ins?  There are always the
classics like My Movies, but what other
plug-ins do you install before your Media Center is complete?

21 thoughts on “Must Have Media Center Plug-ins?

  1. MyMovies? pfft bloatware

    DVD Library Registry Edit
    KLite Codec Pack x64
    DVD Decrypter
    DVD Library Manager

    Still looking for a slick TV manager…

  2. I would give up pretty much anything on my media center before myTV – it is the reason I use media center right now.

  3. Tell Drawbaugh that his boundless support for Blu-Ray killed the greatest potential feature/plug-in of Media Center, streaming High Def content from disc changers/hard drives. HD-DVD would have eventually allowed this awesome convenience.

  4. DVRMSToolbox.

    Media Center sometimes annoys me because it requires setup time, but the auto-commercial skip in DVRMSToolbox is the hook that will never let me leave Media Center. It’s not just a must have plugin, it’s a lockin device for the whole platform.

  5. Shmoe,
    Wow, I only wish I had that much influence. Honestly, I choose to support the format that I thought had the best chance for success, as Will Munny said to Little Bill Daggett; “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it”

  6. I’m very interested in a DVD Library replacement that will work with MKV, but it seems most of them don’t look like VMC. Personally I really like the UI of VMC and dont’ want it to have a black back ground etc.

  7. Chris,
    Does DVRMSToolbox work with CableCARD recordings?

    I installed it last night and it caused all kinds of instability problems from the UI locking up to corrupt recordings. I uninstalled it and the issues went away.

  8. I don’t need any Plug-ins. What I need is a Media Center that works, e.g., pays Dolby 5.1 correctly, doesn’t have frame pixelization, doesn’t miss recordings with incorrect “no TV signal available,” And I could go on. What about a car that works before we get new fog-lights.

  9. Webguide (big one for me for remote scheduling)

    DVRMS tool box but also playing with lifextender as well.



    big screen weather

    big screen photo’s

    – Josh

  10. My plug-in faves that I could no longer do without:

    MyMovies (with AnyDVD)
    Big Screen Photos 2
    Yoogle Vista (for streaming YouTube videos)
    MceFM (Last.FM client)
    CCCP codec pack (THE BEST)
    TV Tonic
    MiraWorldTV (when it used to work)
    MSN Remote Control

  11. Ben, I should have said, “helped kill.” But you can’t deny your flagrant bias toward Blu-Ray played a role. Now look what we are stuck with, over priced players with extra DRM on the disc that prevents functionality. Just read Chris’ other posts on HD DVD streaming in Media Center. And to everyone who said, “Oh, when HD DVD dies, Blu Ray prices will come down and be affordable,” that hasn’t happened and won’t for probably a few years. Sales of Blu ray players have actually fallen during the past few months. Most of that is because they are still to expensive, especially with the economy in the tank. HD DVD was already below $200 and sales of those players would have held up better in a soft economy. I do blame HD DVD “supporter” Microsoft for not helping win more studios. It would have been better for them to spend $40 billion buying studio support than on Yahoo because it not doing so has allowed sales of the PS3 to pick up and virtually eliminated the possibility of High-def streaming in Vista/media center — a killer ap the platform needed, especially in light of all this “save XP” business.

  12. DVR-MSToolbox is good, just a bear to setup.

    Otherwise the plug-ins I want, don’t exist yet…

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