ATI Digital Cable Tuner Firmware Update Posted

ATI/AMD has posted version 1.17.1 firmware for Digital Cable
Tuners (OCUR/CableCARD).  The update is
said to fix several issues including Multiple OCUR having the same IP address
and “No TV Signal” errors when tuning twice on the same channel.

You can download the 32-bit update
and 64-bit update
  Release notes (PDF) are

Also seen on Missing

4 thoughts on “ATI Digital Cable Tuner Firmware Update Posted

  1. If you had the 1.16 firmware updater on your PC installed, be sure to uninstall that first *before* installing the 1.17 updater. I ran into some issues and noticed others have as well when trying to install the .exe over the 1.16 updater. Uninstalling and reinstalling 1.17 fixed that.

    I also had to unplug power to one of the DCTs and flash one at a time. When both had power and were listed, trying to flash just one at a time always resulted in a timeout on one of them. When I removed power from the other and flashed again, things worked.

  2. I had no issues at all. I didn’t uninstall anything or do anything special. I simply ran the update, it found both of my DCTs and updated them to 1.17, one after the other. I did remove the cablecards before I flashed them, as it advises in the install notes. I hope it fixes my “no tuner available” issues.

  3. Here’s my experience, not good:

    After the 1.17.1 upgrade, which was an downloaded & installed with standard Windows Update, I now get a “Restricted Content” message or black screen with a “beeping” sound when trying to play TV. What I’ve found is that if I power off/on tuners the problem is fixed temporarily. For the 2 days since I’ve upgraded,the problem returns in the morning and I’ve had to reset again. I have no idea what happens overnight to cause the tuners to need to be reset again.

    ATI offers no support for the DCTs. They told me I must work with my PC supplier, which is Dell. All I want is instructions on how to back off the firmware but ATI will not offer any support. Very dissatified with ATI, this is the second time they’ve done this to me, the other with a graphics card problem. I opened a case with Dell and I’m currently waiting for a specialist to contact me. Any ideas in the meantime would be much appreciated.

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