Zune Community Brings New Shared Experience to Music

Spring release adds features that inspire people to explore, discover and discuss their favorite music.

REDMOND, Wash. — May 5, 2008 — Last November Zune launched “Zune Social,” a music community
Web site where music fans can discover new music, browse each others’
playlists, and comment on their discoveries and tastes.

In just its first five months, more than two million users
have joined the community. With enough members to populate a major city, the
community is almost as diverse as the world of music itself, from hardcore
audiophiles and passionate music fans to people who are just crazy about the
Zune player.

Brian Seitz, a Group Marketing Manager for Zune, says it’s a
core goal of his team to create an experience where the diversity and knowledge
of all those music fans is tapped to inspire Zune listeners to explore new music.
With that in mind, the Zune team worked to incorporate extensive customer
feedback into a refresh of the online music community and Zune software, which
is being launched this week.

“Zune owners are pretty passionate, and they had a lot of
great ideas for making the community more valuable to music fans,” he says.
“And I definitely fall into that category myself — the main reason we’re all
here is we love the music.”

The spring update includes enhanced features that build on
the sense of community and musical exploration Zune delivers. The downloadable
Zune application is now integrated with the Zune community site so members can
send messages to friends, look at their music collections, shop for new
content, and drag-and-drop Zune Cards to their players, all without opening a
Web browser. Also, the online Zune Marketplace is offering TV episodes for
download for the first time.

Zune Card Makes Musical Exploration Portable

One way to make these connections is with the free Zune
Card, a sort of electronic Zune playlist, which automatically reflects the
songs played on a Zune player or Zune PC software. With the spring update, the Zune
Card now becomes more portable.

“For Zune Pass subscribers, dragging and dropping a friend’s
Zune Card onto your Zune means that all of the music that friend has been
listening to is automatically synced to your Zune, so you can listen to the
full tracks when you’re out and about,” Seitz says.

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7 thoughts on “Zune Community Brings New Shared Experience to Music

  1. Nice, TV shows. The big question (1) if when downloaded to the PC will they stream to the 360 dashboard and extenders and (2) if I have already purchased these via a 360, do I also own them in the Zune market place to now download to my PC and Zune?

  2. There is some clarification in this thread:

    1) Zune purchased TV shows on my PC will stream to 360s. Great. 🙂
    2) 360 purchased TV shows will not be available to download on my PC / Zune. This is unfortunate and needs to be corrected to compete with iTunes and iPod / AppleTV directly.
    3) Zune purchased TV shows will not be available to download to my 360. Not so much an issue b/c of 1.

  3. So the key is….buy your shows on the Zune and watch them on both platforms. Makes sense, as the Zune is dependant on a PC, but the Xbox is standalone, and only connects one way.

  4. Just be careful with these updates, Microsoft is going to add filtering software to the Zune to filter out illegal videos on the device.

  5. Hey Chris, I read your blog as “the MCE guy”‘s blog. Can you confirm that XP SP3 breaks TweakMCE? If so, can you contact any of the MS MCE guys to make it work? I know PowerToys are unsuppored but that’s like throwing us a bone until Vista came along. Fixing TweakMCE won’t be a huge task for MS. The error I get on my comp is “TweakMCE only runs on XP Media Center” although I’m running MCE 2005!!

  6. Too bad Matt Goyer isn’t still around, he was always right on top of the TweakMCE situation. I remember MCE rollup 2 broke TweakMCE and he had it fixed fairly quickly.

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