Short Bits: Remind Me, MCEfm, MediaRoom

A few days ago I talked about a new
plug-in called Remind Me which pops up reminders
in Media Center for user
defined events.  My main issue with the
plug-in was no way to import events from something like Outlook, but as of
today you can
import from Outlook 2003 and 2007

Remote has a nice review of MCEfm
, a plug-in for Media Center.  Verdit? 
It’s approved for everyday use by Mike so you might want to check it

has an overview of Microsoft IPTV platform, MediaRoom
and how it beats
cable and satellite services.

3 thoughts on “Short Bits: Remind Me, MCEfm, MediaRoom

  1. So how does IPTV interoperate with Media Center? Does Media Center and Media Center extenders have capability to utilize the service if I subscribe to it?

  2. I am pretty certain that you cannot use Media Center with a commercial IPTV,(e.g., U-verse), service. They provide their own hardware/software box which is connected to the Internet. This service basically replaces the TV part of Media Center.

  3. Yes but all it takes is a USB or PCI bus device to allow HTPC users to upgrade.

    I wouldn’t mind if they added a ton more content and its already out there, let us La Carte it instead of pre-config’ed packages that always contain channels you don’t watch.

    If it were up to me, I’d have maybe 30 channels total…

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