CinemaNow Launches Media Center Plug-in

CinemaNow has launched a new Media Center plug-in available
through the “Explore” tile in Vista Media Center.  Currently their library features over 3,400
feature-length movies, 3,000 TV episodes and over 2,900 music videos that can
be downloaded without using a mouse and keyboard.  This includes Pay-Per-View and
Download-to-Own movies, new release and catalog favorites, with titles
available day-and-date of retail DVD release as described below.  All downloads are also streamable to Media Center Extenders.

CinemaNow offers a
variety of services now available through Windows Media Center:

Download-to-own: Hollywood movies, popular TV shows, and
music videos are available for purchase, providing an unlimited viewing period
on up to 3 devices. Download-to-own movies are priced from $9.99 to $19.99; TV
shows and music videos are priced at $1.99. 
Download-to-Own movies are available day-and-date of retail DVD release.

Pay-Per-View: Hollywood movies are available for purchase,
providing customers a 24 hour window to watch the video. As with all CinemaNow
downloads, customers can start watching in minutes or download the file and
watch it anytime, anywhere. Pay-Per-View movies are priced between $2.99 and
$3.99.  Select Pay-Per-View titles are
available day-and-date of retail DVD release.

Burn-to-DVD: Enables customers to legally download a DVD,
play it back on their PC, and burn a copy to a blank DVD disc. The disc can
then be played in virtually any DVD player with full remote control navigation
and access to all of the special features. Burn-to-DVD movies are priced from $8.99
to $14.99.



In addition to CinemaNow, Windows Media Center
delivers a variety of TV and video content to millions of consumers:

TV – Consumers can watch both live and recorded TV in
Windows Media Center.  A variety of TV
options are supported, including broadcast over-the-air NTSC and ATSC, analog
digital cable and satellite, all with a no-charge Program Guide.

Internet TV Beta– Internet TV Beta is a U.S. offering within
Windows Media Center that allows consumers to choose from more than 100 hours
of TV entertainment, music concerts, movie trailers, news, and sports content,
and you don’t even need a TV Tuner to watch it. Consumers can watch Internet TV
Beta full-screen on their Windows Media Center PC or use Extenders for Windows
Media Center to watch it on their TV.

Online Media – Online Media gives users access to a variety
of digital media, including sports news and statistics from Fox Sports, XM
Radio, HSN Vision, and Showtime TV. Online Media also provides the ability to browse
through top stories from NPR, Reuters and other news outlets, allowing users to
quickly catch up on the day’s top stories. There are also several Windows Media
Center add-ons available from the providers, which allow you to watch NetFlix,
YouTube videos or check the weather, to mention just a few of the services
available from Online Media services partners.

Movies – In addition to CinemaNow, Windows Media Center
provides access to Starz Entertainment’s VONGO and MovieLink, which are
additional premium movie and TV downloading services. Digital home movies can
also be easily accessed through Windows Media Center and watched on a
television via an Extender for Windows Media Center.

9 thoughts on “CinemaNow Launches Media Center Plug-in

  1. Thanks Chris I just noticed it. I guess it was apart of the update I downloaded last night.

    Now if only Media Center Internet TV knew no boarders, Eurosport shows all kinds of content I would love to see like the 24 hours of Le Mans LIVE, practice, qualifying, pre-race, post race, all the historic races and everything in between!

    Plus WTCC races

  2. Dave: Yeah, this is a re-launch (why they dropped it in the first place I’m not sure).

    Jerry: Should be Vista-only.

    AceVPD: Not sure if they are IP filtering or not, but set Internet Explorer to en-US and it should at least show up in Media Center.

  3. I have been in every single screen in Vista Media Center and I don’t see a CinemaNow button anywhere. What gives? If this is a download, where do i find it? Searching CinemaNow’s website was absolutely pointless. Same goes for Any ideas?

  4. There is nothing to download, it is a link within Media Center’s “Explore” section. If you don’t have it, a) make sure you are in the US, b) force a EPG download.

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