Short Bits: Restricted Content, Plug-ins, XP SP3

Niveus Media has released another exclusive
plug-in for Niveus owners
, this time they have got your basic weather needs
covered.  Niveus Weather looks very nice based on the
and I assume it is MCML also. (Via
Missing Remote


Mike is back with another Life with a Plug-in review which
today features BigScreen
Headlines 2
.  How does it measure
up?  Well, it is approved for everyday
use (and it’s MCML) so
check out the review

Microsoft is finally hitting on one of their many content
protection issues within Media Center. 
Right now they are starting an investigation
on Digital Cable Tuners (CableCARD) and Restricted Content
errors.  If you have any feedback, please direct it to
The Green Button

If you are still running MCE 2005 and attempt to install a
new Media Center Extender after installing Service Pack 3 you are most likely
running into a few issues.  Fear not
though, Jason
Tsang has the fixed covered

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