Short Bits: HD PVR, Windows 7, Media Center Show, Akimbo

Brent Evans has (almost) all your answers on the HD
PVR that finally has started shipping
And remember, it doesn’t work with Media Center (yet?).

Joe Wilcox has Eight
Things About Windows 7
following Microsoft’s first public demo of the OS at
All Things D.  Overall I think Windows 7 is
going to be more like Vista Second Edition. 
It really isn’t a “whole new OS” as Vista was from XP.  Nonetheless I’m excited about it, and I hope
Microsoft is planning to make the transition away from the Vista name that has
become a horrible brand.

Ian Dixon has The
Media Center Show #158
with FUZE Media Systems.

Lastly there is a very interesting article on the downfall
of Akimbo
.  You might remember Akimbo
from the days where Media Center was their target market before things really
started to go wrong.  In 2005 I
had a number of suggestions
for Akimbo (before they
launched the Media Center plug-in
), and a number of them actually happened.

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