Short Bits: Digital Copy, tru2way, Big Media

Remember just last month when I said “I’d like
to see companies embrace the fact that DVD is still the mainstream format?”
  Based on a story in CED from this past week
studios are starting to realize that’s the key, with one Warner exec saying “….64 percent of
consumers said having a digital file gives better value.” 
This story was
about including protected digital copies of films on DVDs
(Example) which I think is a great idea and needs to happen much more often (on all DVDs). 
Now let’s also see it work the opposite way too, if I buy a digital download
allow me to get the physical DVD at a discounted price (or free? Yeah right)

I know I haven’t covered tru2way much yet, but that’s
because there isn’t much to say. 
Quickly, tru2way is CableLabs basically renaming the CableCARD 2.0/OCAP platform.  Of course a large majority of the media
doesn’t understand any part of it; CNET even asked if tru2way can succeed
where CableCARD failed
.  Just so we
are clear, tru2way is a platform for CableCARDs.  It’s now a two-way platform instead of
one-way like all previous devices.  It
will require use of the exact same CableCARDs (which are
all two-way
).  MegaZone
did a good job explaining it
, yet CNET didn’t retract the article or edit
it despite the fact it is 100% incorrect. 
Two-way CableCARD for Media Center isn’t
likely to appear until Windows 7

Speaking of CNET (now owned by CBS), anyone else find it
ironic that big media conglomerates have purchased these smaller outlets which still
post on things like breaking copy
protection on DVDs
?  Hey CBS, if your
new media outlets are going to report on breaking copy protection, let’s just
skip the formalities and disable things like CGMS-A on Showtime, AACS on CBS
Blu-ray Discs, CSS on DVDs, etc.

5 thoughts on “Short Bits: Digital Copy, tru2way, Big Media

  1. Chris, I’ve been trying to find an answer for this. What happens to CGMS-A when digital becomes the standard, and all analog tv stops broadcasting?

  2. You can add CGMS-A on output from an STB. Since it is only supposed to be used on cable/sat, it isn’t an issue to add it during the output (S-Video, etc).

  3. I’m not following your point on tru2way… sure current cablecard (the cards) are 2 way capable but none of the current cablecard tuners are 2 way devices.

    If you are trying to make the distinction between the functionality of the tuner and the card, so be it, but CNET saying cablecard has failed is an accurate assesment since current cablecard tuners are one-way. So, to-date, cablecards have been a failure.

    Well… current cablecard “tuners” have failed… because the cable companies wanted them to (since they cut off existing sources of revenue).

    It’s still early but tru2way “appears” to actually have the backing of the cable companies because it allows them to retain their existing revenue streams (ondemand, SDV, etc.) and allows them to add new functionality (interactive content, integration with other media distribution services that may be IP based, etc.).

  4. Al: I think you need to go back and read the CNET article.  They clearly don’t understand what tru2way is, which is the point I’m making.  Case-in-point, they say flat out “…that’s effectively what Tru2way is: the next-gen CableCard, without the physical card.”  What?  tru2way is not CableCARD without the CableCARD.

    Cable companies still don’t like CableCARD because they still don’t get to charge you $15/month for their STBs if you pick another device.  It does have the backing of a few major CE companies, which is very important, but that’s a big difference from the cable companies liking the change.

    Will tru2way be more of a success than current CableCARD products?  You bet!  Is this the development that does away with STBs like many sites are saying right now?  No.  It is sure an upgrade from v1 though.

  5. Ahhh… gotcha… you are right I didn’t read the article and by reading your post I didn’t understand what your issue was with CNET’s article. Thanks for clarifying.

    The cable companies don’t care much about the box rental fees. If they did they would just charge more for the cablecard rental. They care about the fact that they lose ondemand revenue, payperview event revenue and the fact that it prevents their move to SDV.

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