Bach Says No to Blu-ray in Xbox 720, First Party ZunePhone

We don’t even have to wait until tomorrow to find out that
the Xbox
360 isn’t getting Blu-ray
.  Why?  Because
Robbie Bach was asked if Microsoft had plans for Blu-ray to appear in the next generation Xbox
Engadget) and answered “No. There is nothing to even talk about right now with regard to the
next generation.
That is so far out that there isn’t anything to talk
  Now I’m sure some of you will
tell me that he didn’t deny Xbox 360 with Blu-ray and instead just talked about
the next generation, but trust me Blu-ray is not coming to the Xbox 360 tomorrow or anytime
soon.  He also touches on Xbox 360
lasting longer than the previous Xbox as I also
talked about

Robbie also went on record again saying the ZunePhone (eg. first
party hardware) isn’t happening, but does suggest that a Phone+Zune
might be on the way as I suggested a few months ago.  I can
actually say it will be happening and that I know Microsoft is currently trying
to get OEMs on board.  The Zune software
(or a variation of it) will appear on several different OEMs handsets.
  Not sure if it will just be Windows Mobile,
but I’d love to see them open it up to other platforms.

Lastly on the mobile side, Bach said We don’t make phones ourselves. We don’t have any
plans to make phones ourselves”
which I thought
was interesting considering Microsoft now owns Danger.  Danger isn’t a hardware company per-say, but
I guess it can shine a bit of light on what Microsoft isn’t planning to do with
their new acquisition.

4 thoughts on “Bach Says No to Blu-ray in Xbox 720, First Party ZunePhone

  1. I personally really hate that ms doesnt want to make a phone?…. By far one of the biggest advantages the iphone has over other brands is the ability to be updated by apple and add meaningful new features (just look at the 2.0 software). with current windows mobile devices are just a mess with respect to updates because its not a os/system wide update. updates to windows mobile phones require the maker of the phone actually takes the time to add the new features/updates and creates a new release for it. (which a majority do not)

    i for one would love to see a completely controlled ms/zune phone and we could get things like the zune 2.5 updates.

    i am going to wait for ces09 to see what windows mobile 7 looks like but i havent seen anything like a windows update for mobile yet where the updates would come directly from ms because i am very seriously considering an iphone now because im not going to make the same mistake i did with my moto Q and windows mobile where ive been stuck with the same phone for ~2yrs now.

  2. Chris, looks like you were right again. The rumors were false this morning about Blu-ray in the XBox360. If anyone knows Microsoft better than you, I’d be surprised.

    Blu-ray is dead as far as Microsoft is concerned. Long live the standard DVD!

  3. Aaron: Strongly agree. Microsoft strength in providing software to OEMs is also it’s main downfall.

    Alex: Maybe one day it will make sense for Microsoft to do it, and I can’t wait for that. 🙂

  4. and yes i know i had a bunch of grammar errors in the first post…. i was moving points around.

    and i was going to add this to the first post (but cant do much w/o an edit button). but sadly i think by the time ms wakes up and realizes that they need to make a phone themselves (a la zune/ipod) it will again be too late in the game for them to compete against the entrenched iphone (much like zune has struggled to steal ipod marketshare). they are making the exact same mistake they made with the ipod and its pretty sad to see it happening again.

    and they could still release windows mobile like they do now and let the oem’s do whatever they want. but ms should be in this game making a phone too. if they can do it better which they could easily do considering the other phones out there currently it would only increase the competition and force the oem’s to make better phones.

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