June 2008 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista

Microsoft has released the June 2008 Cumulative
Update for Windows Media Center for Windows Vista
. This update rollup is
intended for computers that are running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows
Vista Ultimate.

Issues that are
resolved by this update

In addition to the fixes that are contained in the updates
that are listed in the “Hotfix replacement information” section, the
June 2008 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center for Windows Vista resolves
the following issues:

  • For Windows Media Center configurations that use an analog
    TV broadcast without a set-top box, this update improves the experience of
    recording television shows. Previously, shows were blocked with “protected
    content” messages. (More
  • Note This issue does not apply to configurations with set
    top boxes or configurations that use analog TV together with digital cable
  • This update addresses a blank screen issue that occurs when
    you switch between full-screen mode and windowed mode while you play videos.
  • On extender sessions that use Internet TV or Online
    Spotlight, this update increases a maximum path limit from 260 characters to
    2048 characters.
  • This update resolves an issue that was introduced in Vista
    Service Pack 1 in which empty removable media devices were displayed in galleries.
  • This update addresses an issue in which channel names in
    Simplified Chinese were shown as unrecognizable characters.
  • This update provides an updated frequency table for China.
  • This update addresses an issue in which a Client ID was not
    set correctly if you use the Express setup option.
  • This update fixes a memory leak issue in extender sessions.

Download via Windows Update (or 32-bit
,  64-bit

12 thoughts on “June 2008 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista

  1. Another mainly pointless update for me…

    The empty removable media problem *might* fix a problem where c: is listed in my video library although nowhere is it set as a watched folder..

    Wheres native Bluray support? (even with an external codec, which I suspect will be what happens ala playing a DVD in MCE2005).
    Wheres a better library telling is if and when we watched a video? or using DVD aspect ratio covers? or a list view?
    Wheres over the air EPG support?

    MCE *was* leading edge, now its very ho hum IMO. Hopefully the Fiji update will fix this now that the team isnt working on the Zune anymore.

  2. i have noticed a pretty big change in memory usage on my extenders…. ram usage is 1/2 of what it used to be. i guess there was something to that memory leak bug on extenders.

  3. I don’t understand. The cable package I subscribe to has over 700 channels. If I disconnect my set top box, I will not be able to tune any channels above 72.

    How can this be the only solution to the recording problem?

  4. I definitely have suffered from the black screen issue when toggling between full screen and windowed. So, it’s a great update for me.

    And I stopped using Xbox 360 as an extender long ago due to performance lagging on my PC the longer the two were running… perhaps it’s time to give that config another go.

  5. I hate these updates and wish there was a way to control them. Last night I go to bed with a couple of programs open and wake up this morning to find out that Windows automatically closed them without saving and restarted my computer. I know that it’s up to me to save my data, but it sucks that Microsoft doesn’t give me the option of choosing when/if I want to restart my computer unless I happen to be using it at the time. It’s great that I don’t have the blank screen when I maximize my video windows, but it’s terrible to have to live in fear each night that Microsoft will turn off my computer if I don’t back it up. This probably seems like a petty complaint, but I don’t know of any other device that will randomly restart without your permission.

  6. @Davis Freeberg

    It did ask you your permission. When you installed Vista it asked you to configure your Automatic Updates preference. If it restarted then you must have selected “Automatically install new updates every day at XX:XX.” If you don’t like it, change it to only download and notify you without installing.

  7. Davis, you can change the settings for Windows Update to automatically check for updates and not install them; auto check for updates and auto install them; or manually check for updates. This setting has existed since at least XP, maybe earlier.

  8. Davis,

    FYI, you can turn off the automatic installation of updates. Just go to Windows Update and click on “Change Settings” on the left. You’ll probably want the second option “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them”.

  9. To Davis Freeberg:

    You must be one of the few people around that still has Automatic Updates enabled on his PC. Just turn it off and update your PC on your own schedule. No more unwanted reboots.

  10. Well I installed it last night and it didnt fix the c: in video library problem, everything seemed the same which was expected really.

    But, I noticed if I right click / info on a channel I can get a latest guide listing from there now, before I could only get to it from tasks IIRC. Maybe I just never noticed but glad to have it there.

  11. Has anyone used this with the extenders? My extender seems really slow since this update, but maybe it is from the firmware update that I did last week too.

    Just checking to see if others are experiencing the same thing.

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