Microsoft Expands TV Signal Support in Japan

A few months ago I said that Microsoft
was planning on finally taking TV signal support in Media Center global
but little did I know that Japan would be the first to see the improved support.  This past Friday Microsoft announced several
new broadcast and hardware partners for Media Center in Japan that will be
coming later this year.

New content providers including TV Asahi, NHK, NTV, TBS and
Fuji TV will provide interactive features new to Media Center, and Fujitsu will
bring new hardware to the market as well. 
Future support for ISDB-T, improved playback options for PCs connected
to TVs, and support for multi-language closed-captioning was also announced.

Quietly Plans “Windows Media Center TV Pack”

One thought on “Microsoft Expands TV Signal Support in Japan

  1. Thats an interesting development. With this and the rumor’d DirectTV support..seems like the fall is shaping up to be the first real push for Media Center in awhile.

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