Microsoft Quietly Plans “Windows Media Center TV Pack”

Microsoft made plans public on Friday in Japan (late Thursday in US) for the release of a product called “Windows Media Center TV Pack” as a part of
their increased TV signal support
in the country.


What is the Windows Media Center TV Pack?  Well, that’s up to the translated press
release to tell us (Original
press release

  • Google
    : TV Pack….“Provide PC
    manufacturers, PC manufacturers from terrestrial digital broadcasting is PC
    compatible with Windows Vista(1)”

    (1) Note: and provide the package, Windows Update, and by
extension will not only provide.

  • Yahoo
    Babelfish Translation
    : TV Pack…“PC
    manufacturer, from the PC manufacturer Windows Vista loading PC which
    corresponds to terrestrial digital broadcast, it is the schedule which in the
    future is shipped(1)”

    (1) Note: offer in package edition and offer etc only of the
extended function with Windows Update there is no.

Any Japanese speaking readers who can translate would be
much appreciated (especially the text in the image).  Seeing as
Fiji would be the next logical release
for Media Center the question is how
does this “TV Pack” relate to Fiji?  Does it apply only to Japan?  Does it provide support for other TV signals?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Quietly Plans “Windows Media Center TV Pack”

  1. That MS translator is really pretty slick… although it doesn’t appear to keep the translation option in the link so you have to select japanese to english to get it to work.

    What I gather from the press release is that MS is partnering with 5 japanese OTA (terrestrial) broadcasters to support their networks within media center. I can’t tell if they are planning to have the broadcasters dual-cast their programming over the internet to media center or if media center is going to use OTA tuner cards. I also have no idea what the sidebar gadget stuff is about.

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