Short Bits: HP, TouchSmart, Webinar, Live for TV

Ian Dixon had a ton of good stuff this past week at HP’s
Connecting your World event in Germany
Among the top announcements was HPs
new TouchSmart PC which features a 22-inch display
.  Best of all, this thing is cheap!  It starts at only $1,300, nearly half of
their pervious TouchSmart PCs (and much more attractive).  Ian also did a special
edition of The Media Center Show for the event

Saying with HP for a minute, they will be holding a series
of webinar’s from June 24-July 10. 
Guests include Ian Dixon, Patrick Norton, Mike Garcen, and Ed Bott. 
Be sure to register for one of them.

also confirmed that Windows Live for TV
is indeed
and will be shutting down on the 24th of this month.

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