Cannon PC Demos Media Center with 6 CableCARDs

June 18, 2008 – Cannon PC, LP demonstrated a capability of their
Media Centers to accommodate 6 Digital Cable Cards and simultaneously
record 6 different HD Digital Cable Channels.

PC, the award winning Media Center specialty company, demonstrated to a
select group of people the capability of their Media Centers to manage
6 Digital Card Cards. They have also posted a video on YouTube and on
their web site demonstrating this capability. The video shows the
actual ATI Digital tuners, the Recorded TV section showing the 6
current recordings, the Performance Monitor showing how little impact
the process has on performance and resources and the smooth video
playback while all this is taking place.

“We believe we are the
first company to demonstrate such capabilities. Since Windows Vista for
Media Center natively only supports 2 Cable Cards, we had to figure out
how to modify the system in order to have it properly recognize more
than 2 cards in the system” said Gregg Cannon of Cannon PC. “We have
exceptional people on staff that are very knowledgeable of the Media
Center product and spent many hours of research to make this happen. We
feel confident that we can add even more digital Cable Cards to our
systems based on the process and knowledge we have learned.”

those not familiar with Digital CableCARDs, they allow customers to
watch and record their cable TV channels, including premium HDTV
channels like HBO-HD and ESPNHD directly on their media center without
the need for a set top box. With more Cables Cards in the system it
allows the HD experience to be shared more with the extenders in the
home. What happens many times in a family environment with a Media
Center and several extenders is that there are not enough TV tuners
installed the Media Center to share the Live TV experience with more
than 2 other rooms. Breakthroughs like this make that a thing of the

As the winner of over nine national and international
awards, Cannon PC has been designing Microsoft Windows based Media
Centers for over four years. Their business model is specifically
targeted to Media Centers and Media Center technology. “We pride
ourselves on bringing leading edge technology and ground breaking ideas
to our customers. A system with 6 Cables Cards is just one of those
ideas.” said Cannon.

Cannon PC offers a of line of Media Centers
for the tech savvy consumer as well as a high end line of Media Centers
tailored for the custom integration market. Cannon PC has a unique
dealer program for qualified A/V installers and integrators that are
looking to offer their clients reliable feature rich Media Centers at a
competitive price. Unlike other Media Center manufactures, each system
can be completely customizable to fits the customers need or the A/V

Their Home Series line of Media Centers consist of the
AMD based ultra small form factor FX Series Media Center as well as the
Intel based MX Series house in an A/V style case. Either system can be
purchased through their online site.

The Cannon PC Pro A/V
Series consists of three models; the LX, EX and RX. The LX has been
redesigned to include a stylish new case that integrates gold plated
front audio connectors, quick access USB and Fire Wire connections as
well as a 28 in 1 media card reader. The EX features a 12″ HD touch
screen and room for over 6 TB of disk storage. The RX unit is a sleek
rack mount system that will fit nicely into any standard A/V rack and
each system comes standard with a blu-ray DVD drive.

All Cannon
PC Media Center comes standard with features such as a 52-in-1 media
card reader, front IO, USB and fire wire connections, dual NTSC and
HDTV tuners with the option to upgrade to Cable Cards, 8 channel HD
audio, P35 Express chipset, Quad Core and Dual Core Processor, high end
ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards, up to 8 GB or RAM and up to 6 terabytes
of internal SATA hard disk storage. Each system uses state of the art
motherboards and components that utilize cool and quiet technology to
ensure that their systems are whisper quiet and low on heat. All
systems are backed by a 1 year factory warranty.

Cannon PC has
been designing high end Media Center since its founding in 2004. To
learn more about Cannon PC Media Centers, visit them online at

For information contact:

3 thoughts on “Cannon PC Demos Media Center with 6 CableCARDs

  1. This is ridiculous. While some cable companies charge little or nothing for cable card rental, most of them (including mine, TW in NYC charge $6.95 per card. While I applaud their effort, a better solution will be to wait for tru2way. Remember, each cable card supports a multi stream of up to 6 channels. Chris what do you think? With Fiji around the corner, do you think this is necessary? I remember you talking about another company doing something similar.

  2. Wow, $6.95 per card?!? That’s is crazy. I’ve never seen more than a $3 charge per card, with most in the $1.50/card range.

    Your right though, what we really need are M-Card tuners. tru2way devices would include this, but upcoming MOCURs will help you out at lot. Still an OCUR, so it will only be one way, but you will also only need one physical CableCARD.

  3. I’m just worried more about SDV than anything else. I really want to get a XPS 420 and dual cable card tuners, but I am just afraid that if I get the system it will be obsolete once SDV comes.

    – Josh

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