More on Cannon PCs Six CableCARD PC

On Friday Cannon PC
demoed a system recording
from six CableCARDs all at once
, while playing back a recording and the
system didn’t skip a beat.  This was demoed in the YouTube video,
but I got some higher resolution screenshots of Media Center showing the six
streams at once.


Given the system resources that they had to spare, what do
people think the max number of tuners would be? 
Considering local playback most likely added from 5-10% on ~35% of the
CPU being used, I think this shows that processing speed is no longer a bottle
neck for Media Center PCs.  So the
question is which dies first, USB throughput or the hard drive(s)?


6 thoughts on “More on Cannon PCs Six CableCARD PC

  1. USB throughput from the tuners or throughput to a USB hard drive?

    In either case, that should be pretty easy to calculate. (I will let someone more bored than I actually do the math. 🙂 )

  2. Chris,

    Good point about the processing power. Those 6 tuners would be more expensive than the entire pc.
    Hopefully pricess will start to come down.

  3. Yawn – old news – I have been running 8 dvb-t tuners for over 12 months… Its the hdd that craps out first… Raid0 helps solve the problem

  4. You should be able to get ~16 ATSC streams recording at once.

    Each stream is roughly 20Mbps / 8bits = 2.5MBps
    Providing that the hard drive is only being used for recording/playback (no OS, etc.), 16 streams would be 40MBps. Most modern drives should be able to handle that.

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