Media Center Nabs More Online Content: Olympics & Fight Network

NBC has teamed
up with TVTonic
to provide online coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics via
Media Center.  Be sure to watch the ‘Explore’
section of Media Center for more, as well as TVTonic (requires install).  More
information at TVTonic


In addition the Queensberry Fight Network has launched an
online application available now in Media Center to get your fighting/boxing
fix 24/7.  Considering the downfall that
has been network TV, Microsoft needs to make sure they are making every effort
to get more online content up and accessible via Media Center.  I’m dying for a Hulu plug-in.


6 thoughts on “Media Center Nabs More Online Content: Olympics & Fight Network

  1. The Olympics have never really been all that interesting to me, but I’m thrilled to see them add boxing. I’ve been a huge fan for a long time and think it’s one of those niche areas that can use video to connect with fans. I can’t wait to try this out.

  2. How pathetic that Microsoft needs to turn to TVTonic (who?) to bring major content like the Olympics to Media Center, when the rest of the non-Media Center world will get a much better experience using the Silverlight app that was demoed at Mix. How is Media Center a ‘WIN’ for Microsoft if it’s most important new technology (silverlight) and most important content partner of the year (olympics) are not compatible with Media Center. OK. Well I guess Microsoft thinks we want european boxing instead. Yeah, you know, I think AppleTV is about to announce a big partnership for boxing content as well. What a joke.

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