9 thoughts on “Any HP MediaSmart Connect Questions?

  1. Can you test the performance of the mpeg4 HD playback? What kind of bitrate will it support via a wired connection?

  2. Can you check if it supports the animated transitions on photo slideshows? X-Box 360 does, Linksys doesn’t, and it’s a real shortcoming.

    Also if it will support audio types other than 0x80 in MPEG2 streams (so that converting DVD VOBs with PCM soundtracks, such as home movies, will play correctly.)

  3. Noise. I read somewhere that this unit has a fan for some reason…because of the Pocket Drive most people won’t use? I’d disconnect it if I could get away with it, the Linksys and Dlink units don’t have fans that I am aware of.

    Please test multiple video formats to see what this will play well.

  4. In addition to the above:

    Can it play Xvid, Divx and h.264 (standard and HD) via the MediaCenter interface?

    Will it output AC3 multi-channel audio for Dolby Digital capable audio recievers?

    Is there a version without the pocket drive bay coming?

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