mControl 2.1 Goes Final

has released the final build of mControl 2.1 for download.  The build is actually the same as the previous
RCGOLD2 release, and as there were no significant issues reported Embedded
Automation has now shifted their focus to the next mControl release.

You can download mControl 2.1
, and of course you get a 30 day trial if you don’t already use
mControl.  All current mControl users can
upgrade to 2.1 for free.  See the User
Manual for more (PDF).

Interested to know what other features mControl has?  Check out the updated mControl
Feature Summery (PDF)


2 thoughts on “mControl 2.1 Goes Final

  1. Looks cool.

    In the graphic above, are those supposed to look like reflections (the images below the light switch, lamp, and fan)? Like coverflow? I think they need to work on that a bit.

  2. Too bad they lost functionality with this latest version. You can no longer use the Z-wave motion sensor w/ ver. 2.10. If you have one either use a different software, hold your breath for the next release or a $60 paper weight. Sweet!!!

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