Bach Says No to Blu-ray in Xbox 720, First Party ZunePhone

We don’t even have to wait until tomorrow to find out that the Xbox 360 isn’t getting Blu-ray.  Why?  Because Robbie Bach was asked if Microsoft had plans for Blu-ray to appear in the next generation Xbox (Via Engadget) and answered “No. There is nothing to even talk about right now with regard to the next generation. That is so far out that there isn’t anything to talk about.”  Now I’m sure some of you will tell me that he didn’t deny Xbox 360 with Blu-ray and instead just talked about the next generation, but trust me Blu-ray is not … Continue reading Bach Says No to Blu-ray in Xbox 720, First Party ZunePhone

No, Xbox 360 Isn’t Getting Blu-ray on Monday

Another day, another horrible rumor.  Microsoft will not announce that the Xbox 360 is getting Blu-ray on Monday. This latest rumor does give me a good chance to cover Shane Kim of Microsoft Game Studios saying the Xbox 360 is set to last seven years.  This would clearly go against what I’ve been saying about the shelf life of the Xbox 360 playing into Blu-ray considerations, so I’ll admit that I’m wrong on that front.  That said, I still don’t see an Xbox Blu-ray addition near-term. If they are going to stick with the Xbox 360 and focus on games, … Continue reading No, Xbox 360 Isn’t Getting Blu-ray on Monday

Short Bits: Digital Copy, tru2way, Big Media

Remember just last month when I said “I’d like to see companies embrace the fact that DVD is still the mainstream format?”  Based on a story in CED from this past week studios are starting to realize that’s the key, with one Warner exec saying “….64 percent of consumers said having a digital file gives better value.”  This story was about including protected digital copies of films on DVDs (Example) which I think is a great idea and needs to happen much more often (on all DVDs).  Now let’s also see it work the opposite way too, if I buy … Continue reading Short Bits: Digital Copy, tru2way, Big Media

Linksys Releases DMA2100/2200 Extender Firmware Update

Of course after I finally post my latest issues with my Linksys DMA2100/2200 Extenders, they have finally released a firmware update (1.1.6) for the DMA2100 and DMA2200 Media Center Extenders. Issues fixed are below, and it seems to include a few of the showstoppers like VC-1 playback and HDMI issues. I’m hoping will cover my personal HDMI auto-sensing issue, and word the firmware also speeds up the UI even more. The download should be up via the update function of the Linksys Extender (close the Media Center interface then go into Settings), and it is also up on Linksys’ website … Continue reading Linksys Releases DMA2100/2200 Extender Firmware Update

Short Bits: Media Center University, Broadcast Flag

Microsoft’s CE Installer blog posted today about the Broadcast Flag issue that I previously talked about proclaiming that “Windows Media Center does not enable or utilize the Broadcast Flag.”  They clearly want to make sure that the CE installers and integrators using Media Center know this isn’t an issue, or is it…. Just hours later the CE Installer blog posted a link to part one of the Media Center University that Microsoft and Life|ware did a few months ago at EHX.  In the presentation (A must watch for technical types, CE installers, etc), Mike Seamons (ex-Life|ware, current Microsoft) went over … Continue reading Short Bits: Media Center University, Broadcast Flag

Quick Linksys Extender Follow-up

A few months ago I reviewed the Linksys DMA2200 Extender and have since found a couple of issues, mainly based around HDMI that deserve a follow-up.  I’d be interested to know if others have seen these issues. 1080p Support In the previous review I said that 1080i was the maximum output resolution despite the fact that box states 1080p.  I have found that 1080p is a supported output resolution using Component and I assume HDMI.  The DMA2100 and DMA2200 have auto-sensing HDMI that sets the resolution itself.  During this process it disabled the option for user selectable 1080p output.  Switching … Continue reading Quick Linksys Extender Follow-up

Short Bits: Excalibur, mPanel, Fiji, SideShow, more

Fiji is old news, Excalibur seems to be the new thing (Via ActiveWin).  I’ve never seen so much made of a codename!  I follow what Stephen Chapman is saying, but knowing how eHome works inside of Microsoft I wouldn’t try and put together what they are doing with a five year old codename. Embedded Automation has another sneak peak up of their upcoming mPanel touchscreen, this time showing local music playback. Back to Fiji, Ars Technica has posted leaked screenshots of what is said to be Fiji with the name of “Windows Vista Media Center Feature Pack 2008” attached to … Continue reading Short Bits: Excalibur, mPanel, Fiji, SideShow, more