Microsoft Starts Media Center SideShow Gadget Beta

Microsoft has finally unwrapped a beta of the long rumored
Vista Media Center SideShow control gadget. 
spotted by Stuart
, you can apply for the beta on Microsoft Connect and get
started starting, but so far it looks pretty much like basic in terms of

The key component currently missing is Media Center Extender
control, something
we knew Microsoft has said it will be able to do
.  Current features include the ability to browse
the Guide and schedule recordings, list recorded TV and start playback, browse
the music, picture and video libraries, and show “Now Playing” information.

Read more and see all the screenshots at The
Media Center Blog


8 thoughts on “Microsoft Starts Media Center SideShow Gadget Beta

  1. You would need to register an account on Microsoft Connect (the beta website), and then it is on the Connections Directory.

  2. Yes have done that, as I am on Homeserver and Mesh betas at this time, still can’t find it, can you supply direct link?

  3. I found it by clicking the All category under the connections directory and then doing an Edit-Find on this page and search for Sideshow.
    Click the first link in the page labeled “click here” to download.
    I had to install additional sideshow software and the software device emulator.

    Does anyone use this with a windows mobile phone?

  4. Anyone how can help me out to find a download link that’s working?

    Like to test this with my mobile phone 😉

  5. How interesting this comes days before the Itunes update that will allow the Iphone/Ipod Touch to be used in a similiar manner..

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