Microsoft Takes Over The Green Button

Today is a big day for the Media Center community, and as speculated upon
way too much The
Green Button has become an official Microsoft web property

So what does this mean?  A few things, starting with
increased Microsoft interaction that nearly everyone told us was so important. 
When Jessica Zahn left to join the Zune team, she collectively broke the hearts
of all TGB members who lost the opportunity to get direct Microsoft feedback,
but fear not increased Microsoft presence will come with the acquisition of The
Green Button.

Next up on the list, ads are gone!  Google AdWords and
all pop-up text ads are gone (Plug: advertisers looking to target the Media
Center community should
consider advertising here
), so everyone can enjoy the perks of a community
built on members and not non-Media Center related pop-ups.

Other changes will be coming, but as the official
announcement states Microsoft is not looking to shut down or limit your freedom
of speech on The Green Button.  I will still be a moderator as will Mike
and the rest of the gang, so nothing will change in your ability to criticize
Microsoft for poor decisions and have your voice heard (and as always, attacks
directed at members or Microsoft employees will not be allowed).

Please let me know what you think of the change, but I think
the increased funding and potential for direct communication will benefit all!

11 thoughts on “Microsoft Takes Over The Green Button

  1. If nothing else, this is a good sign of continued commitment of Microsoft to Media Center. I still think its absurd how little they advertise its existence; I’m sure many can attest to “wow, I didn’t know you could do that” moments when demonstrating Media Center to friends and family.

  2. i hope this doesn’t mean that posts concerning “hacking” the OS, such as permitting 2 users to be actively signed on at the same time, and such..

  3. hmm, this is bad, real bad..

    They also bought the webguide (at least hired the guy) and we havent seen a new version in over 6 months

  4. Well done to all the staff at TGB and also Microsoft ehome.
    I enjoy reading your blog Chris, always find you are very quick to get this info out to us all.
    Keep up the good work all.

  5. Well I just hope it is for the best. This also makes me think that Microsoft did not forget about Media Center.

  6. Where is the new site where we can discuss Media Center and alternatives out from under Microsoft’s thumb?

  7. hoberion: Doug said that he would not be developing WebGuide any more when he announced the news. Contact software developers get real jobs generally takes away their free time for their side businesses.

    Nothing will change in your ability to post about anything, and I will still be a moderator keeping spam and flaming out of the forums. Feel free to post about DVD ripping, Microsoft’s inability to make a good product, etc, etc. I will.

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