Short Bits: DVD Steaming, Media Center U, CEDIA

Charlie Owen wants to know why
you think that Microsoft hasn’t hit on DVD streaming yet
.  My reasoning? 
Because Microsoft has no idea what market to develop for.  Are they focused on their average consumer
market?  Because they don’t use Media Center
at all.  Are they focused on the market
found at The Green Button?  Sure doesn’t
seem like it.  Are they focused on the
custom installer market?  Partly, but
they hardly have the features needed to make a dent on the overall market.

Speaking of the custom market, Microsoft announced that will
be holding
various training sessions focused on custom installs and integrators at CEDIA
this year

In part
4 of the Media Center University videos from EHX
Microsoft’s Todd
Rutherford covers integrating Media Center into automation systems and whole
home setups.

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