mControl Gets UPB Driver; mPanel Beta Units Out

Last month mControl gained
support for CentraLite JetStream
, and this month
UPB has been added
to the growing list of supported lighting and home
control systems in Embedded
Automations mControl

The beta driver, developed by mControl user Tom Boyce allows
control of UPB devices by all of the mControl form factors.   UPB works much like X10 and INSTEON in that
it uses power line communication to control devices with ~99% reliability.  The beta driver does have an expiration date
(Aug. 31, 2008), however the final version should be out later this summer.  Download
the driver here

Embedded Automation has also announced that the first beta
mPanel units have shipped
.  If you
are one of the lucky few partners to get a beta unit be sure to send it to me
when you are done.


2 thoughts on “mControl Gets UPB Driver; mPanel Beta Units Out

  1. I am thinking about adding a lighting and home control system to my house. Can anyone point me to a good overview of the different technologies/protocols including pros and cons?

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