Microsoft Releases Home Server Power Pack 1

After what seems like an extremely long wait Windows Home
Server Power Pack 1 has been released. 
If you have automatic updates enabled on your server then Power Pack 1
will be downloaded directly, but if you can’t wait for that then
the download is up here

Power Pack 1 includes several new features and fixes, most notable
Vista x64 support and a fix to the nasty data corruption bug.  Other features include Home Server Shared
Folder backup, improved remote access, and power consumption/performance improvements.

Hot on the heels of Power Pack 1, HP has also released their
Server Update
which adds a few additional features.

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Got Served
and the Windows
Home Server Team Blog

One thought on “Microsoft Releases Home Server Power Pack 1

  1. Updated my server last night (along with all of the clients). I had stopped relying on the file server functionality back when the data corruption bug was first announced, so even though it is nice to have fixed it wasn’t a show stopper for me. The really nice thing is that I can backup my Vista x64 machine. There have been a couple times I’ve needed to use the WHS to restore a machine and it worked great. That in itself sold me on this product. Now if we could just get that media center functionality built-in, THAT would be a killer app.

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