Short Bits: Media Center U, Media Center Show, SideShow, More

I’ve been extra busy the past week and have kind of skipped
covering everything that I wanted too, but now I’m back!

out part 4
and part
of the Media Center University sessions at EHX.  In these two sessions Todd Rutherford from
Microsoft covers everything from online streaming and downloading of content to
controlling Media Center in a whole home environment.

In last week Media Center Show Ian
Dixon and Ted Singh covered Embedded Automations upcoming mPanel touchscreen

I’ve got a post coming on SideShow later, but to get a glimpse
of that you
just have to see some of the new SideShow gadgets just released by Ikanos
.  AccuWeather, Live
Messenger and System Health.  Now yet
again if we could get some more SideShow hardware this stuff would really take

Now so much Media Center related, but TechCrunch has a great
post about building the perfect web tablet. 
Their idea is for the community
to develop a target $200 touchscreen tablet
and then they are going to get
some prototypes made up.  I’ve been
waiting for the exact same thing, but I’m not sure they are going to meet their
$200 price point just yet.  Nonetheless,
it is something to watch out for and maybe participate in.

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