Heatwave Weather Plug-in Makes a Comeback

Years after developing
the world’s first native Media Center plug-in
(in MCE 2005 nonetheless,
thus using unsupported methods), James at MCExtended is back
with Heatwave for Vista
.  Just about
everything you would expect is included in the new weather plug-in, and it also
includes some extras like overlaying a transparent version of the plug-in over the
currently playing video just as Media Center does with the Guide.

can download it here


2 thoughts on “Heatwave Weather Plug-in Makes a Comeback

  1. When will one of these weather plug-ins include LIVE (or close to real time) radar coverage?

    Years ago cable tv had a weather radar channel. It was great, you just looked and figured out how long you had to cut the grass or get the dog back inside.

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