Open Media Library Beta Released

No doubt one of my favorite Media Center plug-ins to watch
has been Open Media
.  The new MCML plug-in started
as a clone of Niveus Media’s Movie Library
and then shifted into a huge
open source project with several developers
behind the effort.  All of that hard work by those developers has
resulted in the first beta
release available for download now
which looks great!  Downloads are available for 32 and 64-bit.

Features include…

  • My Movies XML support
  • VIDEO_TS playback
  • ISO using Daemon Tools
  • Codec based playback support
  • DVD Library Manager support
  • Extender support
  • UI based setup (importers, daemontools settings, etc)
  • Metadata editor
  • Much more

8 thoughts on “Open Media Library Beta Released

  1. I wish they would take advantage of the free My Movies backend integration that Brian Binnerup is offering. Lord knows the MCML version of My Movies is long overdue.

  2. Does this software allow you to rip like my movies or is that a manual process? I’m also curious about the extender functionality, will it allow you to play vob files on the extender?

  3. “The main layout of the project was designed to work through an extender such as the xbox360.” Has anyone gotten this to work? I have a linksys 2100 and this feature would make my day! Will try tonight…

  4. Hey guys, I’m one of the developers that is helping with this project. So I’ll try and answer these questions real quick.

    @digitalfreak: You can currently export from your MyMovies Collection(along with DVDProfiler, DVRMS, MovieCollectorz, and the DVD Library) to XML and import it into our DB. We might eventually hit the db directly to import, but I don’t think any of us really want to just be a frontend for MyMovies. I think there have been talks about making a service to watch files/db’s for changes and automatically adding those, but this would be longer term.

    @Scott: We do not have anything implemented for ripping movies yet, but this also been discussed as something we might add in the future this would be further out also.

    @Scott & Johnk
    We do support extenders when transcode 360 is installed on your Media Center computer. It should hopefully work automatically after you install transcode 360. If you try it out and have any issues please let us know 🙂

    It will also of course work normally with the regular extender supported video files over the extender without transcode 360.

    Just remember guys this is our first beta release, we have already identified and fixed quite a few issues as you can see if you look at the commits to our repository here.

    But point releases should be happening fairly quickly from now on(we’re shooting for weekly releases for bugs).

    We love feedback and this is the communities project so let please let us have all the critiques, insults, feature requests, and free lunches that you can spare.

  5. Hi Tried it last night and really liked it. I exported data from MyMovies in xml format. I could not get it to “Add All” automatically, but did get it to work by manually pressing OK each time it asked if it should add a movie. I have around 570 movies and the first thing I can say is that it is very SNAPPY and RESPONSIVE. All of my files are on a server or NAS drive over my network. It takes Mymovies at least 45-60 seconds to load up with the data the first time it is launched in Vista Media Center. OML launched in under 10 seconds!

    Now, the items I would love to see:

    1. Some sort of smart playlist feature
    2. Implement Categories like MyMovies
    3. Ability to alter the number of movie covers shown on the screen.

    Its a really nice clean program. Thanks to all of the developers!

  6. This looks cool. About to buy my first extender so I will be looking forward to trying this.
    Anyone know if Transcode 360 works with Vista? Is it still being worked on? I have seen a Vista beta and another beta that is suppose to do ISO files. Kinda confusing.

  7. Hi to all, is possible change/fit the language, from English/U.S.A. to Italian?… if so, how?

    Many thanks…. Marco.

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