Short Bits: SDV, HP TocuhSmart, Media Center Show

Missing Remote has had several great articles and review
this week including an article
on SDV and what it means to your CableCARD PC
.  In addition to that Mike reviewed
TVTonic for Media Center
and D-Link’s
DSM-330 DivX Connected Extender
(non Media Center Extender).

Ian Dixon got one of the new HP TouchSmart panels to play
with and
gives his first impressions
and an
unboxing video
.  If you haven’t had a
chance to use one of these new panels yet I’d run out and try and find one
locally setup in-store.   It is a great
PC and the fact that it doubles as a touchpanel makes it even more worth the already
cheap $1200 price tag.

On this week’s Media Center Show Ian had on newcomer
to the Media Center scene Ben Drawbaugh of Engadget HD fame
.  Covered in the show are various topics on
home automation and Media Center Extenders.

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