VidaBox Unveils the RACK24 Server – Supporting up to 22TB of Storage for Multizone AV Streaming

Westbury, NY – August 15th – VidaBox proudly announces the arrival of
another ground-breaking product – the RACK24 server system. This super-high
density storage device can store up to 22TB with RAID6 protection, and is ideal
for a dedicated multimedia server for multizone distribution of massive music,
pictures, Blu-ray, and DVD movie collections.

“With up to 24 field-serviceable hard drives and quad-core processing, the
RACK24 sets a new standard for rack-mountable Media Center-based servers,”
states Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox LLC. “Unlike our other RACK series
servers, the RACK24 is designed solely as a centralized storage device,
allowing the system’s processing power to be dedicated towards delivering
full-quality, high-definition streams of movies, music, pictures, and other
multimedia content for more than 10 VidaBox extenders.”

Like its smaller cousins, the RACK24’s storage array can start with as little
as 2TB of storage, and gradually be upgraded over time as a client’s multimedia
collection grows in size. This array is protected with RAID6, which allows the
system to still keep running without interruption or data loss even when two
drives have failed. Before shipping, every enterprise-level hard drive on the
system is pre-tested with a 72 hour burn-in, making sure the array is safe and
secure, hardening the array against failure.

“We take downtime prevention very seriously here at VidaBox,” Cheung
emphasizes, “and to minimize downtime due to hardware & mechanical
failures, the RACK24 also features a redundant power system with three
removable modules, eliminating system failure due to power supply issues.
Furthermore, running all of this hardware is a choice of two operating systems
– Windows Server 2008 or Linux – both known for their uptime and

In the rare event of a hard drive failure, the system will automatically alert
the installer via email through its 24/7 auto-monitoring service. In the
meantime, the system will still keep operating normally, making the failure
totally transparent to the customer and give the installer plenty of time to
schedule an appointment to replace the failed hard drive, which usually takes
less then five minutes. Similarly, a failed power module can also be replaced
in the field in a matter of minutes, allowing the system to return to its
optimal operating condition.

“With this level of engineering and protection safeguards available on the
RACK24,” Cheung continues, “high-end integrators now have a clear-cut choice
when they’re looking for a media server that offers the best of the best in
features, flexibility, and reliability.”

About VidaBox LLC
VidaBox LLC is a premium manufacturer & designer of AV and integration
hardware. Specializing in multiroom audio-video distribution and automation
equipment, VidaBox is focused on providing professional installers and
integrators with complete solutions that include media servers & extenders,
touchpanel hardware and interface software, as well as predesigned, customizable
AV packages that are scalable to meet the needs of a wide range of projects
& installations.


One thought on “VidaBox Unveils the RACK24 Server – Supporting up to 22TB of Storage for Multizone AV Streaming

  1. Does anyone know where to buy a server chassis like this without any components? I’ve seen them up to 12 drives, but I’d love to get one with 16 or 24! My Home Server with 4.5 TB is now full (and WHS duplication wastes space compared to RAID 5/6), so I’m nearing an upgrade…

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