Engadget HD Shows Off TV Pack

HD has gone hands on with the Media Center TV Pack (Fiji)
showing off its
new features like native QAM support, heterogeneous tuner support (mix and
match tuner types), subchannel support, and more.

Their conclusion is that the TV Pack is a “pretty nice
upgrade, but most definitely not everything we wish it was.”  This might have something to do with DIRECTV
support being nowhere to be found, and maybe that there is no where you can
actually get the TV Pack if you are willing to pay.

The official announcement for the TV Pack is set to be at
CEDIA in September.

11 thoughts on “Engadget HD Shows Off TV Pack

  1. Pretty bad that folks will have to resort to torrents and other illegal methods to obtain something that should have been given to all Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate users for free. Big FU to Microsoft.

  2. What does native QAM mean, that I won’t have to run that silly software program for my HDHomerun tuner?

  3. And so if I understand this correctly, those of us who have been running with an HDHomerun get nothing of value here but a “favorites” feature. Correct?

  4. Is that file on mediafire the RTM or a beta?

    It sounds like the native QAM support will still be better even for HDHomerun people. It also supports a lot more tuners in one system now.

    Microsoft better change their mind on the distribution on this. This is just another one of their choices that makes me think that some decision maker at Microsoft wants Media Center to fail.

  5. Am I the only one who is happy that the TV Pack update will NOT include widescreen thumbnails?

    I can not stand widescreen thumbnails, and I think the current thumbnails are just fine.

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