TV Pack Questions Answered by Charlie Owen

Charlie Owen will be answering
questions about the Media Center TV Pack
(Fiji) as soon as Microsoft makes
the official announcements, so if you have any questions about things that may
have been rumored now would be the time to submit them.

I will also finally be able to talk in depth about stuff
including what is in/out of Fiji, the possibility of a second Media Center
release, and Windows 7 around this timeframe. 
If you have questions or comments for me to get a non-Microsoft response
let me know.

6 thoughts on “TV Pack Questions Answered by Charlie Owen

  1. I’d like to find out about the new TV file format. What actually is it under the covers? Can it be played on XP? Is it DRM’d for every single program? Is it mandatory, or can you still use dvr-ms?

  2. How is Media Centre going to compete with the Playstation PlayTV concept?

    Is Media Centre as we know it going to die and get incorporated in a magic box that can be used to watch TV, play games, backup and manage all my digital files, surf the net?

    Will there be closer integration between VMC and WHS?

    I know there is more than one question 🙂

  3. Will the TV Pack add support for over the air (OTA) digital TV subchannels in the program guide?

    Digital TV is here, but Media Center doesn’t support it fully.

  4. Will the TV pack now allow 4 DVB-t tuners natively?
    Can dvb-t and PAL now be enabled concurrently?
    Will the new TV format be supported by the existing xbox360 and linksys extenders?
    How will the update be made available?
    When will the guide be supported in Australia?
    Tivo is here with the guide MS are out of excuses on the lack of guide support.

  5. I have a few questions relating to H.264 decoding within vista media center.

    I long with a lot of other users have tested the old beta DLL tv decoder which was capable of H.264 decoding and had no issues at all with HD Satelite decoding, the quality was fantastic no stuttering or break ups.

    1) So I ask why was the H.264 decoder removed when it was so stable ?
    2) If your testers found the H.264 to be unstable which was why you removed it from the final build then why not release to the OEM or public a decoder that is 100% not supported by microsoft that does decode H.264 like a untime bombed version of the beta DLL ?
    or advise us on how to amend the registry to use maybe a PowerDVD or CoreAVC decoder to decode ?
    3) If none of the above is possible then will another TV pack get released to OEM as an update or is everything all on stop till the release of Windows 7 in 2010 ?
    I think that if there is no work around provided for H.264 support in Vista then there will be a lot of unhappy customers and quite a lot would probably migrate to a different media center application such as Media Portal which is updated quite regular.
    Thanks for your time.

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