Short Bits: Fiji, Media Center Show, Olympics

Mary Jo
Foley covers the mess that has been Fiji
I’ll have more soon, but Fiji will go down in history as one of the
worst coordinated projects to come out of Microsoft in a long time.

On this week’s Media
Center Show Ian Dixon has Automated Home’s Mark McCall
talking Home Sever,
Media Center, and of course, home automation.

This is the first time the Olympics is making a big splash
online, and if you have followed any of the press around it there are a lot of
players involved this year.  Microsoft is
clearly one of the top partners showing they
have Olympics coverage on Media Center, Xbox, Zune, and more.
  I find it odd that you are going to have to
pay for access on Xbox and Zune content on a per episode basis.  Why not just give it away like you are on
Media Center and other Microsoft/NBC web properties?

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