Inteset Movie Collection Module Now Supports Blu-ray

Hanover MA, Aug 13,
2008, Inteset, has updated its Movie Collection server module to fully support
Blu-ray movies.

One of the major selling features of the Inteset media
server has been its ability to store, search, and play back movies seamlessly
within the Windows Media Center interface using the proprietary Movie
Collection module. Inteset has offered this feature to its dealers for years
and has now improved the capabilities by adding full Blu-ray support. In
addition, movie profile lookups are simpler than ever. The system will scan the
inserted DVD or Blu-ray disc to identify it, and then retrieve full profile information
from Inteset’s all-new movie database. Lookups can also be performed based on
UPC code and movie title.

“We’re happy to make available this exciting new
upgrade of our Movie Collection module,” states David Hirsh, Inteset’s
Director of Business Development. “The module with additional Blu-ray
support works perfectly with our new 15 terabyte A/V NAS storage server and
Vana advanced extender systems as well,” explains Hirsh.

The Inteset Movie Collection module is available on all
Inteset media servers. Blu-ray playback is now standard on the Inteset Maximus
media server and optional on the Denzel and Vana media servers. The module
upgrade is free on all prior and new Inteset servers running Vista Media

To learn more about how to obtain the latest Inteset Movie
Collection module and other Inteset products and services, visit Get a live demonstration by visiting Inteset at CEDIA 2008,
Denver, CO, booth 452.

About Inteset

Inteset, LLC has been creating high-end home entertainment
products since 2003. Inteset offers four categories of products: media servers,
media extenders, high-capacity storage devices, and exclusive software for its
systems. The near silent media servers come with up to 8TB of internal, 15TB
external, protected storage. The advanced media extenders are independent
systems as well as A/V distribution clients. All systems are shipped with an
enriched Microsoft Windows Media Center interface that includes a movie
management module and a multi-zone music module among other exclusive software
offerings. These systems appeal to A/V dealers and integrators domestically and
internationally for their high-integrity construction, reliability,
ease-of-use, unique entertainment modules and services, price point, and interoperability
with advanced control systems.


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