Short Bits: Storage Pack, CE Pro, Media Center Show, More

Microsoft is planning to release a Storage Feature Pack for
Windows that will
include Blu-ray mastering support among other things
.  Sadly this is
still very far from Blu-ray
Playback support which has its own set of issues

CE Pro has had a number of Media Center posts gearing up for
CEDIA.  Julie says that Microsoft’s
focus at CEDIA will be the custom integrator channel
and not so much on the
OEM only TV Pack.  I know a lot of people are waiting for CEDIA because
they think Microsoft is going to drop some big news about DIRECTV being
included or something like that, but that is not going to happen.  Everyone
knows what is in the TV Pack
, and there are not going to be any
surprises.  On the same topic it looks like Microsoft and partners might
be planning
a “Media Center Integrator Alliance
,” which I’m sure we will hear about in
the next two weeks.

Ian Dixon has
had Ed Bott
and Scott
Bahneman, CEO of MusicGiants
on The Media Center Show.  I was able to
catch a few minutes of the Ed Bott interview when it was on live and agree with
a lot of the concepts that he was talking about.  After CEDIA I will have
more posts on the TV Pack.

Not sure how much I’ve highlighted some of the newer Media
Center blogs that have popped up over the past few months, so here are a few
that everyone might be interested in (sorry if I missed any).  Olcay
Buyan’s Blog
, My Network Project, and Entertainment 2.0.

One thought on “Short Bits: Storage Pack, CE Pro, Media Center Show, More

  1. Chris,

    Thanks for the shout out. It definitely increased my traffic. There are a lot of sites that report on the news so my hope is to keep talking about the end user experience and let everyone else deal with the news around Media Center.

    Thanks again.

    – Andres

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