Update: Newegg Does $99 Linksys Extenders (Now $150)

Newegg has jumped on the cheap Linksys Extender bandwagon with
$99 DMA2100 Extenders
(Via The Green Button). 
There is now no doubt that Linksys is looking to drop all of their stock, but
the question still remains are they
getting out of the market or introducing a new SKU

Update: Now they are selling for $150.

Update: Newegg is
out at the sale price, but Dell.com
has them for $127 again.

9 thoughts on “Update: Newegg Does $99 Linksys Extenders (Now $150)

  1. So is it still worth buying one of these linksys extenders even if Linksys is looking to drop them? I need a extender for one of my TV’s and don’t want to buy another 360 or over pay for a Media Smart Connect.

  2. I think the key question is will Linksys add the ability to stream DVD’s you have ripped to HTPC hard drive in their next rev. If there is a next rev. I think these Extenders do a decent job (for what they do) at a reasonable (but not great) price.

    My gut tells me that it is the end of the run. No new and improved is in the near term. Probably have to wait for the next version of Windows/Vista for that.

    So yeah, I would buy one. I might buy a second one for my “in-kitchen” project.

  3. Its at $149 now.

    With the TV pack being OEM only and no word on 2 way cable card (ok, can’t blame MS for that) I’m tempted to go with SageTV as the only non-clearQAM channel I care about is BBC America. Makes it hard to want to inverst in this

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