Short Bits: Life|ware & Niveus at CEDIA

This edition ripped straight from CE Pro…It seems Niveus Media is done with pushing their
recently developed Niveus EDGE Extender.  The might have been Xbox 360-based Extender (sans gaming) is out and the HP MediaSmart
Connect is in
.  Interesting turn of
events for something that must have taken a lot of time and money to complete.

Niveus is also updating their Movie Gallery adding support
for better metabase, higher resolution cover art, and a 10-foot disc ripping
client which
seem popular these days

is also set to make a splash at CEDIA with
a new iPhone control application
that can be programmed directly using
Life|ware’s programming tools.  Exceptional
Innovation will also be launching a new media server
that integrated Media
Center (CableCARD as an option), a 5.1 surround-sound amplifier, and ZigBee controller
all into a single server.  Models with
dual CableCARD will likely run just under $4,000.

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