Xbox 360 Arcade Officially $200

Microsoft has officially dropped the price of all Xbox 360
SKUs.  The Arcade is now officially $200,
or rather still the best value for an Extender if you can live without
additional file format support and live with the fact that it has a fan.

more here.

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Arcade Officially $200

  1. Yeah, definitely the loudest and probably more energy inefficient extender out there. Those $99 Linksys ones look like a good value.

    Related, I traded in my Xbox for a PS3 this week. Mine never functioned reliably (over wireless) as an extender and I want the Blu-ray.

  2. Show me the $99 linksys extender, please? The DMA2100 is typically $250, sometimes $200 and rarely drops to $150 every so often.

    Oh, and the xbox360 is a gaming system too.

    Crazy, I know.

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