Niveus Supports Ten Extenders and Eight CableCARDs From One Niveus Media Server

Simultaneous HDTV
viewing, recording, and distribution in up to eleven zones!

Denver, CO – CEDIA
Expo 2008 – September 4-7 – Booth #850
– Niveus Media is invigorating the
whole-home TV viewing experience by announcing that select Niveus media servers
will simultaneously support up to eight digital cable (CableCARD) tuners and
ten Media Center Extenders. Announcing availability concurrently with the
introduction of the 2009 Niveus media server line, boasting impressive
enhancements in processing and performance, Niveus now doubles the capabilities
of the Niveus Entertainment System.

“Niveus has nurtured the digital cable functionality and
compatibility since early 2007 and is proud to be one of the first to support
both eight CableCARDS and ten extenders,” states Tim Cutting, Niveus CEO and
Co-Founder. “By doubling the performance of the Niveus Media Server, we can now
support even the largest installations.” 

The ability to access a robust DVR library and distribute
all live and recorded HD content to eleven independent zones will be supported
by Niveus’ most powerful media server, the Pro Series n9, set to be released in
Q4 2008. The n9 will feature a next-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, for
the ultimate in high-definition, multi-zone entertainment.

Pairing the n9 with four Niveus Digital Cable Receivers, an
external, dual CableCARD tuner device, allows cable subscribers to
simultaneously view and record eight standard definition or HD programs.
Leveraging the increasingly popular Extender for Windows® Media Center
platform, users can now stream these eight digital cable signals along with ALL
other HD content in up to eleven zones.

“We are very excited to see Niveus maintain their cutting
edge product offerings by expanding their product line to address the
increasing demands of the custom installer channel,” states Kevin Collins,
Director – Custom Installer Channel, Microsoft. “Providing installers with the
option to scale up to eight tuners and ten extenders is a testament to Niveus’
dedication to expanding the media center ecosystem.”

As the Niveus Media Server continues to offer unprecedented
multi-zone and multi-user functionality, the need for ample storage is greater
than ever. To support growing collections of HD content, Niveus has introduced
the Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition which is based on the Microsoft Windows
Home Server platform and boasts up to 16TB of scalable storage.

Support for eight CableCARDs and ten extenders will be
available in Q4 2008, with availability of the 2009 Niveus Media Server – Pro
Series n9.

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