Short Bits: Debug Menus, TV Pack OEMs, Hurricane

I survived Ike without any damage here in Katy, sadly that
can’t be said for the rest
of the Houston and Galveston areas

Ever wonder which of your dozen TV tuners is being used to
tune the program you are watching?  If
you have the TV Pack there is a bit of a hack that you can do in order to find
out.  First spotted by
Dave at The Green Button
, type 411 and then press More Info in order to
access Microsoft’s debug menu.


A lot of people have been asking about the TV Pack on
CableCARD PCs from Dell and HP.  While I
have no inside information on the subject, I have doubts that either will be
shipping the TV Pack at all.  Media
Center is not HP or Dells business, and as it involves creating a new image for
their machines I fall to understand why either would bother.  I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t hold out for
a Dell or HP with the TV Pack.  If a TV
Pack machine is what you are after, you are most
likely going to want one of these OEMs.

5 thoughts on “Short Bits: Debug Menus, TV Pack OEMs, Hurricane

  1. Can’t you just buy one of those machines and install the TV Pack yourself? Download the files on bittorrent and read the instructions on thegreenbutton

  2. I tried out the 411 debug menu… kinda cool but I didn’t see where it had any info about the tuner being used to tune the current channel. Did I miss something?

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