Niveus Brings Unified Search To Windows Media Center

Easily search through
entire media catalogues and select Internet content utilizing the unified
Niveus Search tool, now available for download.

Milpitas, CA –
September 26, 2008 –
Niveus Media, Inc. announces beta availability of the
new unified Niveus Search, which enables easy retrieval of content accessible
across the local network and Internet. The patent-pending Niveus Search offers
Windows Vista ® Media Center users an easy-to-use, 10’ interface that provides
an all encompassing scan of both the Media Center and Internet sources.

No longer do Media Center users have to scroll through
lengthy catalogues trying to locate a certain movie, TV program, song, etc.
Utilizing the unified Niveus Search yields visual results of the electronic
program guide, recorded TV, music, photos, videos, and web-based content, from sources
such as Netflix, Flickr, and Live365 Internet radio.
Additionally, for the less decisive that aren’t sure what to watch or listen
to, by entering keywords of interest, Search will return a number of related
results from across its sources.

Accessing and using the Niveus Search tool is simple and can
be easily accomplished with the use of only a remote control. By selecting “New
Search” via the Search icon on the Windows Media Center strip, users can enter
keywords with the remote control (T9) or the onscreen keypad. Search then
reveals results in a compelling gallery, with cover art, movie posters, icons,
pictures, or other supported visual formats. The user can then click play,
slideshow, or schedule a recording based on the type of result(s) returned.
Previous searches can be found through a Previous Searches icon on the Media
Center menu.

Now available via the Niveus Software Labs
, Niveus Search is being released as beta for all Windows Vista
Media Center users for an undetermined amount of time to gather feedback, field
results, and suggestions. Niveus will continue to release improvements to
Niveus Search beta via the Niveus Software Labs and intends to release a
production version of Niveus Search to the Windows Media Center community when
ready. Niveus Search will be supported by the user community in the new Niveus Software
Labs Forum
. A gallery of screenshots can be viewed through the Niveus
Software Labs by selecting the screenshots tab.

For more information, please visit

About Niveus Media

Founded in 2003, Silicon Valley based Niveus Media, Inc.
manufactures award-winning media server hardware and software solutions,
optimized to manage all HD entertainment in multi-zone applications. With the
most advanced media servers, storage servers, proprietary software and service
technologies, Niveus revolutionizes the aggregation, distribution, and
enjoyment of today’s digital media.

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