Microsoft Launches MSNBC News Beta

Today Microsoft officially launched their MSNBC News beta in
Media Center to the world (err, I mean US and Canada).  This was actually something that popped up on
one of my beta machines a few months ago, but when I asked about it Microsoft
said I wasn’t even supposed to have it, and thus I didn’t blog about it.  Much like the Internet TV Beta, access the
new application can be found on the TV + Movies strip.

and Brandon
have some screenshots up on their respective blogs.  These out-of-band “feature” plug-ins might be
Microsoft’s hope to keep the Media Center platform moving between Windows
releases, so I’m hoping this isn’t the last one that we will see.

  • Access the latest U.S. Election 08 videos
  • Editor Picks and Most Popular videos, as selected by viewers
  • Five-day weather forecast for any zip code in the U.S.
  • Customize your own news video playlists
  • Ability to browse by category, such as Business, Sports, and
  •  Search for stories
    using keywords
  • Related videos for each story

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Launches MSNBC News Beta

  1. Although Microsoft’s web site states this, along with several other types of on-line content, are supposed to be available on Media Center PCs in Canada – NONE of this actually works in Canada for some reason.

    I’ve searched the web, read all of Microsoft’s advertising information and everything states it should work. I’ve also checked MANY Vista Media Center PCs, including my own 2 and NONE of them have anything under on-line media.

    Is this intentional or is this a bug in VMC?

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